The Mighty CAThedral

Is it a sacred temple? Is it an Opium den? Salacious brothel? A Church? a Mirage?
Well, no one is really sure what the CAThedral is exactly, but they do know it is worth finding out.
Rumor has it, these are some of the things that take place inside…

The CoC’s Communal Offerings

Many of the services of The CAThedral can be enjoyed at any time throughout Wasteland Weekend. It will be open during the day, and will be a sanctuary away from the sun and heat. We will offer a wide array of exciting quest lines and prizes, which can be initiated at the door of the mighty CAThedral, with our Questlord Clive or The High Hierophant Grotch.

Outside is a free-for-all barter lounge where you and your friends can come sling your wares or barter for some of ours. For the baptized, you’ll be able to set up your own shop within, and hide from the heat of the sun while trading with any passersby brave enough to step inside. The CAThedral is also a comfortable lounge, library and holds boozy (or not, if you prefer) tea services, lore readings, and more super-secret fun.


Baptism Ceremonies, a highlight of our festivities, are performed onsite at Wasteland Weekend (and other select post apocalyptic gatherings. Visit our calendar to see where we will be), once a day, during the Golden Hour, we begin our Baptsimal Parade. We do a lap around the city calling forth those who wish to join us.  
Baptisms are mandatory to join the Cult of Catmeat officially, making you a Cult of Catmeat Khed or COCK. Being baptized earns you a patch bearing the Mark of the Beast for you to proudly display, and doubles as your pass into the CAThedral. Access to the The CAThedral is for COCKs ONLY. Anyone can be baptized, and it is the first milestone on the long, hard road out of Hell. You must show your patch to get into the CAThedral, so we strongly recommend attaching it to your gear as soon as possible.
CLICK HERE to view our Baptismal Gallery!

Faith Healing



The following services are available by reservation only. If you would like the CAThedral to host your event, please use the email form on the contact page to message Grotch and we will get back to you in as timely a manner as possible.
When the CAThedral hosts your event, we temporarily waive our “members only” policy, and your party does not need to part of our cult to attend, to it is preferred.


Catmeat and His CoC are always delighted when love can still be found in such a desolate world. We would be honored to host the celebratory ceremony of the love declared between two parties! We offer everything from Wasteland weddings/lore marriages (with or without the shotgun) to even the most official and legally-binding-in-the-Oldword ceremony. Grotch, our resident religious head has even been registered as an ordained minister in the great state of California. Please direct all questions and availability inquiries to the form on our contact page.



Catmeat knows not everything lasts forever. Hey, at least you tried. I’m sure you guys had a good run. The Cathedral is happy to assist you in the dissolution of any wasteland lore weddings performed at the CAThedral or elsewhere in the wastelands. Unfortunately, at this time our services do not include actual legal divorces. Hope you have a good lawyer!