Cult of Catmeat

Welcome to the official page of the Cult of Catmeat!

The Cult of Catmeat is the first, one and only premier Cat-based Cult of Wasteland Weekend!

The CoC’s Almeowty presence shook the ground and split the air at Wasteland Weekend X.  “HAIL CATMEAT” spewed forth from the mouths of the masses and our bell could be felt ringing deep into the hearts and souls of wastelanders everywhere.  Catspaw zines were the hottest collectible around, being bartered, traded, and hoarded like the sacred relics they are. Each evening, as the sun’s scorching rays began to subside, The Lard’s faithful Acolytes marched through the city in Puurrsuit of new members to baptize with the holy fluids of the Almeowty.  Lines formed outside the CAThedral for a chance to be blessed in the name of Catmeat by the High Hierophant. The ground outside became stained red by the holy juices used to wash away the heresy of the uninitiated. 

Yeah, we pretty much slaughtered it.  

The Cult of Catmeat is a Fallout-centric tribe that brings ancient egyptian mysticism and catholic blasphemy together, in a one of a kind religious experience. The CoC can be found blessing the masses at Wasteland Weekend and other post-apocalyptic events. 

Visit our Mighty CAThedral for a blessing and to start your path toward the Lard. Challenge yourself with profitable quests, barter your wares in our lounge, or if you’re brave, submit yourself unto Catmeat  himself and receive the most salvation per deity that’s ever been witnessed. 

And that’s just the stuff we can tell you about.  We’ve got so much more planned for Wasteland XI that you naughty little kittens will just have to see for yourself!